Kids In Kitchen

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Kids In Kitchen

This Kids in the Kitchen site shares tips and suggestions about teaching your kids how to cook. We have listed a few important safety tips that every parent should teach their kids about being safe when cooking in the kitchen. We, also included the cooking activities (chores) and recipes are best suited for specific age groups, duties that you can teach your your kids. There are suggestions for what a three (3) year old to a twelve (12) year old can help out in the kitchen with and recipes that they can make in the kitchen.

Teaching Kids Safety In The Kitchen

When it comes to teaching your kids how to cook, it's very important to make sure that whenever your kids are working in the kitchen, that there is an adult around to supervise them.

A few things to teach your children and make sure that your children understand is:

(1) If there is something that's not making sense to them or make them feels uncomfortable, teach them to ask for help.

(2) Teach them that when they are helping out in the kitchen, it is important to stay alert. The kitchen can be an real exciting place for children, and even the most skilled chefs can hurt themselves if they don't pay attention to what they are doing. It is important that you teach your kids to take their time, don't rush and always remember, safety first.

A few more things to keep in mind and to teach your kids:

Safety First When It Come To Down Low:
Make sure that your kitchen floor is dry to avoid slipping and hurting themselves. Make sure the kids wear shoes in case anything falls from the counter.

When It Come To Up High, think Safety First:
Make sure the area that you plan to have your kids work in has good lighting.

Whenever It Come To Knives, think Safety First:
Knives should be kept sharp and dry and should always be put away when not in use. Don't wash them in the dishwasher.

When It Come To Keep It Extra Clean, think Safety First:
Start by having them wash their hands and clean all work areas. If they handle raw, meat or poultry, teach your kids to immediately wash their hands and anything the meat may have touched, such as a cutting board or knife, with hot,soapy water.

When It Come To Temperature Control, think Safety First:
Simply put, cold foods need to stay cold and hot foods need to stay, hot. Otherwise, they could make you sick due to growth of unhealthy bacteria.

Whenever It Come To Oven Mitts, think Safety First:
Always make sure that your kids use a hot pad or a child-sized oven mitt when putting something into or taking something out of the oven.

When It Come To Pots and Pans, think Safety First:
Teach your children that if they are cooking on the stove, to make sure the handles of pots and pans are turned inward, toward the back or center of the stove. If the handles are sticking out, they are easy to bump into, possibly causing the hot contents to spill and burn them.

Kids In Kitchen

Certain cooking activities and recipes are best suited for specific age groups. There's something for virtually every child to do in the kitchen that's safe. Regardless of your childen's age or activities, always be sure that when your kids are in the kitchen, that there is an adult present and they are being supervised. Here are a few suggested guidelines for age-appropriate cooking activities:

Kitchen Assignments For Your Three Year Old:
Kitchen jobs like washing fruits and vegetables, stirring ingredients in a bowl, tearing lettuce, pouring cold liquids are a few of the cooking activities and recipes that are best suited for your 3 year old.

Kitchen Assignments For Your Four Year Old:
The following cooking activities and recipes are best suited for your 4 year old. Greasing pans, peeling oranges or hard-cooked eggs, opening packages, mashing bananas with a fork.

Kitchen Assignments For Your Five Year to Six Year Olds:
A few thing that your 5 to 6 year old can help out in the kitchen are measuring ingredients, cutting soft foods with a blunt knife, setting the table, garnishing food.

Kitchen Assignments For Your Seven to Eight Year Old:
Your 7 to 8 year olds can do the following cooking activities in a kitchen like helping plan the meal, rolling and shaping cookies, beating ingredients with a whisk, finding ingredients in a cabinet or spice rack, making a salad.

Kitchen Assignments For Your Nine to Twelve Year Old:
The following cooking activities and recipes are best suited for your 9 to 12 year olds. They can do kitchen jobs like opening cans, preparing simple recipes with a limited number of ingredients, using an oven (with supervision), using a knife (with supervision), shredding cheese and vegetables (with supervision).

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